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SMACKDOWN: Ed Schultz Lets Robert Gibbs Have It!

| On 25, Jan 2010

Ed Schultz: "Keepin' it REAL with the White House!" (Thanks Ed!)

When I heard about this, I almost did jumping jacks! Ed Schultz,  host of MSNBC’s “The Ed Show” and “The Ed Schultz Show” on talk radio, shared the story of a recent heated exchange with White House Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs.  He told Big Rob point blank off-the-air in a private conversation, “You’re full of sh*t!” Gibbs appeared on the TV show last Thursday.

Ed told the story this past weekend at the Blue State Bash in Minneapolis.  He says that during the exchange Rob dropped the F-bomb on him.  But, Big Eddie ain’t never scared!  He held firmly to the line he always uses on the radio.  He reminded the press secretary that the Obama Administration is “LOSING ITS BASE.” In a nutshell, people are getting tired of the president and the Democratic Party not fighting to win for them in Washington.  For those that tune into his show, Ed has been at the forefront of the healthcare debate, long before it was making news.  Ed could not have picked a better words to deliver to someone who sees the president everyday.  I hope Robbie took what Ed said straight to POTUS’s desk!

Now I don’t usually support cursing at people to get your point across.  But, I feel Ed’s frustration with the Administration and Congress.  They ask everybody to get involved, write their legislators, knock on doors, phone bank, and all this other stuff … and they can’t even fight for a freaking PUBLIC OPTION in healthcare?!?!  Are you sh*ttin’ me??? This stuff not only affects us, but our kids and grandkids. I’m gonna need elected officials to be the grown ass men and women they are and STAND UP for what they believe in!

You can read the story on Politico. You can also watch Ed recall the story at TheUpTake (see video).


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