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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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SNL “Has-Been” Sings About Obama’s Communism

| On 15, Apr 2010

Obama must be a bad communist. He hasn't forced Victoria Jackson to match her clothes since he got in office.

Where the hell did they unearth this lady from???

Actress Victoria Jackson, formerly of Saturday Night Live, took to the streets of Washington, D.C. today to join the Tax Day Tea Party rally. She actually sang, “There’s a Communist Living In the White House,” to the crowd.  At one point they sang along with this Looney Tune.  The funny part is, she thinks there’s a communist in the White House, yet doesn’t see ANY need for a FASHION STYLIST in her own home??!  That red bow?!?!  Unless she was gift wrapping herself in December to be shipped away, there’s no need for anything that big and tacky.  But, I digress…

Jackson is active in the Tea Party movement, an outspoken conservative and vocal critic of President Obama.  She has appeared a few times on FOX News and actually encourages other people to watch that mess too.  Now that she’s gainfully unemployed from SNL, she spends her time talking down the president on FOX and comparing him to Fidel Castro (i.e., last month).

There’s audio of her singing to the crowd, but you can’t really make out any of the words.  I am going to spare you three minutes of your precious day because I love you.  LOL!  This story should raise your eyebrows enough…

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