STFU!!! John Edwards Has a Sex Tape??

| On 26, Jan 2010

Could you see this face on the cover of a porn DVD?! Please say NO...

This is not the type of stuff to post immediately before the dinner hour, but I couldn’t pass it up.

Shouts out to DGood for alerting me to a potential John Edwards SEX TAPE??!!  I want to cry, laugh, and throw up, all in the same motion.  Is he serious???  Andrew Young, former Edwards staffer and author of the Edwards tell-all book I told you all about last week, first made mention of the sex tape in his book proposal last year.  If you remember, Young faked the paternity of Rielle Hunter’s baby when the news first broke that Edwards may be cheating.  Young found the material in a stack of DVD’s at Rielle’s house.

Here’s the killer.  Sources that have seen the tape say that Edwards “is physically very striking, in a certain area..” That is a direct quote.  That’s where I slam this laptop shut, grab my keys, and take a long drive upon the forest!!  I don’t want that image burned in my mind.  LOL!!!

The revelation about the sex tape is just another blow to John Edwards’s credibility and personal life.  Not only did he “hit it,” but he taped it too.  That’s a bit much for someone who initially said the baby was NOT his and had staff lie about it.  Now he is under federal investigation for allegedly using campaign money to cover up the affair.  ::smh::

Check out another story about the tape on Gawker.com.

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