Stiff President Obama Cuts a Rug In Mumbai

| On 08, Nov 2010

Check out video from this weekend of the First Couple during their visit to Mumbai, India.

Mrs. Obama was dancing with local children and the President was reluctantly pulled into the celebration. LOL .. I can see why!

Let’s just say that President Obama is a much better speaker and scholar than he is a dancer. He better not EVER get any random ideas about ‘Dancing With the Stars.’ I’m not even sure how on beat he was. However, it was a fun, relaxed moment for both as they took in the local culture.

President is currently on a 10-day swing visit through Asia – including India, Indonesia, South Korea, and Japan. The goal of the trip is to promote diplomacy and American exports (that create more jobs for us). He will, thankfully, not be exporting that terrible rhythm he picked up over here. LOL!

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