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That Was NOT Obama In The “Whoomph There It Is” Video!

| On 13, Jun 2010

This is kinda funny and I don’t know why I forgot to post on it.

There were rumors circulating the web this week that President Obama did more than just go to law school and teach back in the day.  They pulled footage from the 1993 video “Whoomph There It Is” and claim to have found Barack standing in the background. LOL!!

Could you really see THIS president in a rap video?! He’s way too cool for even that!  Especially after having finished Harvard Law and been teaching at this point.

Well, it wasn’t the POTUS in the video according to a White House spokesperson.  But, take a look at this still shot from FOX 5 in Washington, D.C.  It does kinda look like him.

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