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The Door Is Hitting BP’s CEO In The Ass!

| On 28, Jul 2010


Good news on the oil spill front!

Well, the oil gusher is “kinda” closed, but the REAL gusher of BP … CEO Tony Hayward’s mouth .. is finally going to be closed permanently. The Board of Directors of the company voted him out of his position as of late Monday.  He will move on to head Russian BP subsidiary TNK-BP this fall.

In his place, BP’s Managing Director Robert Dudley will take the helm on October 1. He grew up in Mississippi, a native son of the Gulf coast, and an American that Gulf residents may feel a little more in tune with. [No offense to my British brothers and sisters out there].

It was beyond time for Hayward to let the door hit him where God split him. He was a walking gaffe machine, something that is not a hot commodity in a 24-hour news and Internet cycle.

Hayward originally said that the amount of oil leaking into the Gulf was insignificant compared to the large body of water. WTF? Then he said that he was eager to get the oil spill under control so he could “get his life back.” After that, he participated in an yacht sailing race in England. Yes, this man actually did WATER SPORTS while oil covered the Gulf of Mexico!! Now, that’s some balls for you…

BP should have made this move months ago, but it’s never too late to get a fresh face in the CEO’s chair. Their public image has taken a serious beating, so they need all the help they can get. We’ll see how Dudley works out. Hopefully, he can keep the focus on progress in the Gulf instead of the latest dummy-move coming from the company.

He’s got a whole helluva a lot of work ahead of him as BP restructures and pays out its last red cent to clean up the Gulf. Good luck with that!

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