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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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The Gay Rumors About SCOTUS Nominee Elena Kagan

| On 12, May 2010

It looks like people are automatically putting a strong, single woman like Elena Kagan in the "lesbian" boat. Not cool, according to her BFF's.

I told you that people were going to pull out the Mack truck of criticism against Supreme Court nominee, Elena Kagan. *sigh*

In addition to complaints that she’s not a sitting judge (she’s only the second most powerful legal official in the Justice Department), now there are rumors that Kagan is a lesbian.  Yes, let’s face it people, Kagan is not built for the job because of a RUMOR that she likes women.  Hmm … *let the sarcasm drip*

Let’s be clear here.  Kagan’s friends have openly said that she is NOT a lesbian and never has been. They recounted several stories of her law school years when she was fluffing her big hair and getting dolled up to find a man. They told of the days after law school in trying to set her up with men when she moved to Chicago. Not that those types of stories sway me one way or the other, but I really could care less who she likes.  Is she qualified for the job? I think so.

The thing that has surprised me is that the rumors have come from gay and conservative bloggers.  It hasn’t been the normal wedge issue with Republican senators who will ultimately approve her nomination.  The bloggers seem to want to “out” Kagan to either show how she’s going to hell in a hand basket OR to make her the champion and posterchild for gay rights.  Can the woman GET THE JOB first?!

Kagan’s friends and the White House are walking a fine line with this one.  They don’t want to offend anyone in their inner circles who really is a lesbian by trying to paint her as anti-gay.  But then again, you are what you are.  If she likes men, then that’s who she is.  No sense in painting her any other color but her own.

Wow, we’re only in day three of the announcement of her nomination and it’s already gotten very childish!  :-/

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