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The History Curriculum in Texas Schoolbooks

| On 17, May 2010

Don is determine to shove some FOX News talking points in Texas school books.

I found this over on Talking Points Memo and had heard about these shenanigans on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart a few months back.

Apparently, the Texas State Board of Education is showing just how CONSERVATIVE the state is and that the other 49 of us aren’t making this up. One of the outgoing board members, Don McLeroy, is determined to give students a much more political view of their high school history classes. We’re not talking George Washington-type political … no, more like Sarah Palin, the Tea Party, and other political mess like that.

McLeroy submitted amendments to the high school history curriculum that include teaching students how the United Nations is undermining the United States.  (Note to McLeroy: The U.S. doesn’t run or own Planet Earth). He says that there’s “forced redistribution of American wealth to third-world countries.”  Where, HAITI?! Not forced at all. In fact, George W. Bush, from his home state, pumped millions of dollars into the AIDS-ravaged African continent during his presidency and called it the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief.  This was very needed because the AIDS crisis is out of control in Africa and here in the U.S.

McLeroy also wants students to start thinking about alternatives to Social Security and Medicare, which he notes as “entitlement” programs (i.e., conservative language).  Seems like a Republican talking point to me!

Jon Stewart jokingly ripped apart the Board on his show that I originally saw. But, it’s sad when you actually think that these are the people who determine what Texas schoolchildren learn.  I’m all for broad-based education, but it shouldn’t lean one way or the other.  At that point, you’re robbing the kiddies of the chance to think critically .. like the readers of Prune Juice Media do.

You can read the history curriculum amendments here, complete with strikethroughs and additions for your convenience.

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