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The Horse, The Rifle, and Alabama Ag Commissioner

| On 17, May 2010

I promise you, I cannot make this stuff up if I tried.

Let’s go to Alabama for a second where a recently-released commercial is airing for the state’s Agriculture Commissioner election. Seems pretty boring, right? Well, in gallops candidate Dale Peterson on a horse (no lie!).  He is the Republican seeking the vote of every freedom-loving, conservative Alabama resident.

He reminds you that he was a cop, Marine, a farmer and every other scary thing to MAKE you vote for him! It gets better though. He then tells you that his opponent is taking “illegal money” from companies.  From behind the fence, the horse looks over the fence and seems to say (while Dale is talking), “Who on Earth would support such a dummy?!”  Classic!!!  HOL!!!

The kicker is when Peterson pulls out a full-fledged RIFLE from somewhere near the horse and tells you to vote for him.  He says he will “Name names and take no prisoners..”  Dale and the horse walk off into the distance. I’m sorry, but when did Agriculture Commissioner turn into an FBI agent?

Of course, the commercial plays into all of the conservative and rural pastimes .. farming, horses, guns, an almost-comical backwoods Southern accent.  But, what was the gun really for? And he riding the horse to work in Montgomery when he wins?  I’m just a little confused.

Thanks to my friend Sly (via the Huffington Post) for bringing this to my attention.

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