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Prune Juice Media | December 11, 2017

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The Little “Public Option” That Could…

| On 18, Feb 2010


It seems that a few U.S. Senators have developed a BACKBONE about healthcare in the past few days.

I was pleased to read that 16 Senators have signed a letter urging for a reconciliation vote on the public option for healthcare.  In simple terms, support for the public option is growing in the Senate – the same place where people considered it dead back in December. Instead of the normal 60 vote majority, you only need 51 votes with reconciliation.  But honestly, it will be a miracle if the public options gains all the momentum it needs.  There are some Senators who are too afraid of national healthcare for some strange reason.  And of course, there’s not one Obstructionist Republican who supports the public option.

It’s about damn time we started to see a momentum shift with this public option!  How many more headlines do we need to read about double-digit rate increases for healthcare before Congress understands???  Families are going into bankruptcy, people are dying or simply going without the preventive care they need to stay alive.  The health insurance companies are committing financial rape on a daily basis. I have yet to meet someone who pays their own private health insurance costs in full that is happy with the current setup.  It’s like saying, “Yeah, I love getting my face bashed in everyday…”  Not hardly.

You can read the letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid here. Check this list to see if your Democratic senator supports the public option yet.  If you don’t see your senator, there’s a quick and easy way to light a fire under their a$$.  The web links above will give you a standard form letter to write to your senator to urge them to jump on the bandwagon.

I’m going to continue to do my best to call out the SELL-OUT SENATORS who won’t support this measure.

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