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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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The Midterm Election Day Slaughterhouse

| On 05, Nov 2010

The elephant trampled the donkey on Tuesday, sad to say...

This week has been an extremely busy one for the team at Prune Juice Media (read: me and my damn self).

On Tuesday night, I was able to live-tweet a lot of the major election results after posting a good amount of articles on here. The rest of the week has been spent working on freelance articles for Politic365, where I am a contributor.

In so many words, Election Day was an electoral bloodbath for Democrats. It was not as bad as some thought it would be. But, you cannot ignore the white chalk around the lifeless careers of some in Congress. You can also see Republican giddiness and smirks, even though they have YET to present a real governing plan to the American people.

The White House and President Obama are caught in a tough place now. They achieved a couple of key legislative victories in the 111th Congress (2009-2010), but were not nearly as forceful as they needed to be to take a stand against Republicans. They were also out-messaged on all fronts against the GOP. Whatever half-truths the GOP are selling, they are doing an excellent job of it. The White House, meanwhile, is bumbling and a few steps behind where they need to be in communicating to their base.

Here is a list of the few times I smiled on Tuesday night:

  • In South Carolina, Alvin Greene lost his bid for U.S. Senate! I knew he would. But, let’s talk about the 358,276 people, according to The New York Times, that voted for him. I need all of them to sit down and re-evaluate life. There is absolutely NOTHING about Alvin that says “legislator” or “electable.”
  • Christine O’Donnell will not walk the halls of the U.S. Senate as an employee! God is real, He’s on time, and he is not afraid of witches. Chris Coons beat her by a 56-40 percent margin in Delaware.
  • California finally has the Democratic governor they deserve. They got Jerry Brown who left office and now ran and won again. He beat Meg Whitman, the keeper of illegal maids and former eBay CEO. California also gave us the re-election of Sen. Barbara Boxer to ensure a Democratic majority in the Senate.
  • Hawaii, the President’s home state, came through in a clutch. They elected Democrats as governor and to both of the state’s House seats. More importantly, they elected a Democratic Senator to help seal the Senate majority, along with California.
  • Tim Scott from South Carolina was the first black Republican House member elected from the Deep South since 1901. I’m not a GOP member, but I have to tip my hat to Mr. Scott. It cannot be easy being a black Republican in South Carolina, of all places. I’m sure more than a few people who are not up on politics confused Alvin Greene and Tim Scott during the campaign. [Hint: They weren’t even in the same race].

Here are some lowlights from the pile of garbage on Election Day:

  • Voter turnout was much lower during this election than in 2008. That’s historically been the case with midterms. But still, many more people run this government other than the president. It is not going to kill people to vote more than every four years. Oh yeah, and to (some of) my black people, it was really piss-poor how you sat on sidelines this year! We WILL talk about this one later. It ain’t right. **major side-eye**
  • Nancy Pelosi (D) lost her job as Speaker of the House. However, Nay-Nay won the election in her San Francisco House district with 80 percent of the vote. Since the House has a Republican majority, then “Orange Glo” Rep. John Boehner (R-Ohio) will become the Speaker in January.
  • Arizona reelected Jan Brewer (R) as their governor and John McCain (R) as their senator. I almost have no words. My only advice is that all brown people or anyone with Latino-sounding names find the nearest state line. (Hint: They don’t want you there).
  • Kentucky elected Rand Paul (R) to the Senate. Maybe you need to see the video again of a group of his campaign workers tackling a woman and stomping on her head. He fired the worker, but still. No further comment needed.
  • Ohio failed as a state, yet again. They now have a GOP chokehold on all statewide offices. They real OMG moment was that they elected former FOX News contributor and Lehman Brothers employee, John Kasich (R), as their governor. Ohioans, please look for a strongly-worded memo from me in the near future. You deserve it. You do not want to be great and win at this thing called life, huh?
  • Republicans took over 12 governorships from the Democrats. This is very important because they determine redistricting for the U.S. House seats every 10 years starting in January. With the GOP at the wheel, expect the districts…*gasp*… to be drawn really Republican!
  • The Industrial Midwest (WI, IL, MI, IN, OH, PA) is trending toward the GOP. Have they been keeping up with the news at all? Republicans do not want them to win in life. The GOP hates unions and manufacturing, but this area of the country loves it. It’s disaster waiting to happen.
  • The Deep South is still solidly Republican. It is a strange safe haven for them.

This list is by no means final. Everyday I go through the cool maps on CNN’s Election Center or The New York Times Politics section and find something else to get upset about.

What did you all think about the election outcomes? It pretty much made me go into an emotional eating frenzy on Tuesday night.

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