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Prune Juice Media | December 13, 2017

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The President’s Testy Response to the Tax Cut Passage

| On 08, Dec 2010

The media have been buzzing President Obama and the tax cut deal in Congress.

The main story has been the fallout from the president’s deal with Republicans on the extension of tax cuts for all Americans and a 13-month continuation of unemployment benefits.

The deal was struck on Monday with an evening announcement to formally announce the deal. The spotlight was on Congressional Democrats that night who attacked the president from every conceivable direction on agreement.

Fast forward to Tuesday afternoon and President Obama came out swinging in the White House Briefing Room. Before taking questions from reporters, he addressed the uproar about the tax cut deal.

Watch the president set reporters and the record straight about why he extended the tax cuts and helped unemployed workers. Click here to read the transcript. The video is about 32 minutes long, but the good part is in the beginning and in some of the exchanges with reporters once he starts taking questions.

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