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Prune Juice Media | December 11, 2017

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The U.S. Needs to Fall Back a Second on Iran

| On 17, Feb 2010

Iran is "doing the most" in the Middle East, but I'm not sure if the U.S. should play police.

This post has been in my spirit, not only because of the recent headlines coming out of Iran, but because of my feelings about the U.S. relations with the Middle East in the past decade.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was in the Middle East this week and spoke to students at universities in Qatar and Saudi Arabia.  On Monday, referring to Iran, she said the country is fast becoming a “military dictatorship.” She noted the next day how ironic it was that Iran won’t even sit down at the table to discuss their self-proclaimed nuclear ambitions.  As a result of their recent nuclear tests, the U.S. has been pressuring the United Nations Security Council for further sanctions against Iran.  Basically, the sanctions are a quick way to piss Iran off.

Hillary always has strong words for Iran because of their stance against Israel, lack of democratic freedoms, and of course, nuclear ambitions.  It makes some sense considering our consistent, yet not always sensible, hardline position against Iran.   But, I have to ask some tough questions here because I have bigger fish to fry than Iran in my daily life.  Feel free to respond to keep the discussion going…

  1. Why are we making threats, or even voicing our displeasure above a WHISPER, about Iran? Has anyone been following Iraq and Afghanistan for the past 8 1/2 years?  We didn’t get a halfway presentable strategy until about 2007-2008.  **coughdebaclecough**
  2. Why does it seem like Hillary and the Obama Administration aren’t quite on the same page with Iran? Hillary acts like she’s got a tank in her driveway ready to go.  I want to tell her to calm down a second.  Give PEACE a chance sista!!  On the other hand, Barack probably sent Valentine’s Day chocolates to Ahmadinejad … lol.  WTF?  It’s just full of mixed messages.
  3. Why are we so worried that Iran doesn’t offer real democratic freedoms? I could care less.  Cuba, China, and a host of other countries technically don’t.  Weren’t two SENSELESS wars based on that “Mid-East Democracy” idea enough?!  Like my grandma says, “A hard head makes a soft ass..”  Learn your lessons!
  4. Can we clean up our own house BEFORE we go threatening everyone else on the planet? Our to-do list is about the size of California.  Jobs, energy, homelessness, poverty, healthcare, women’s rights, education are just a FEW of the unresolved things we have.  I am never comfortable with the U.S. flexing on the world stage when our own house is NEVER in order.  We can’t even give our own people healthcare, but our broke-ass country can make war-like postures??  NO MA’AM!!!

These were just some of my initial thoughts as the headlines poured in about Iran since last week.  Everybody may not agree with me, but that’s just how I am feeling at this moment.  The U.S. needs a timeout ASAP!!

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