They Should Turn C-Span Into “Black-Span”

| On 29, Mar 2010

Well, that was a suggestion this morning from one of their viewers.  C-Span is supposed to be nonpartisan, so even ultra-conservatives should have their issues addressed too.  In that vein, I have to tip my hat to the host.  At least he let the caller speak freely, no matter how off the wall the comment was.  Listen to the clip for yourself.

Someone from North Carolina called C-Span and was pissed off about all the callers he hears on their programming.  He said that there are too many black people calling in on the Republican and Independent phone lines and jamming up access for everyone else. He alluded that black people should call in on the correct line (i.e., the one for Democrats), since “most of ’em think Obama is Jesus anyway..”  I couldn’t make this up if you paid me.

Now as a black male, I am well aware of many of the ills affecting our community.  But, maybe I missed the boat??  Clogging C-Span telephone lines is just not something I hear about too often with my people.  The images we sometimes portray and consume are FAR RAUNCHIER AND LESS STUDIOUS than some damn C-Span!!! So, this myth that Black people are overtaking C-Span has really got me hollerin’ out loud!

I almost want to take this call as a compliment.  I sincerely wish more African-Americans would tune into C-Span.  If his idea of talking down about me means being informed and involved, then insult me please!  C-Span has some very informative programming that I watch from time to time.

And they say we live in a “post-racial” society??? Get the hell out of here…

(Thanks to Talking Points Memo for pulling this very interesting clip and sharing it).

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