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POTUS’s To-Do List: ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ Repeal

| On 08, Dec 2010

Gay and lesbian soldiers just want to serve freely with their counterparts. President Obama is working overtime to make sure this happens.

President Obama is taking advantage of every waking minute he can with the lame duck 111th Congress before the holiday recess. By January 3, he will face a GOP majority in the House, a strengthened GOP minority in the Senate, and no hope for compromise on a lot of key issues.

One of the main items that the president is trying to get passed this month is the repeal of the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ (DADT) rule preventing openly gay and lesbian personnel from serving in the military. Gay rights groups have been on Obama’s ass (no pun intended) to get the legislation passed through Congress and signed into law before the conservative tidal wave takes over in January.

The DADT rule is contained in the National Defense Authorization Act, the main bill that funds our military endeavors around the world each year. Congress has still not voted to fund the troops because they are concerned about who they may be openly sleeping with in their private time. Damn, that’s a stupid reason to hold back funding for the troops we “claim” to care about. Can anyone say INEFFECTIVE government?

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) announced today that he will delay the vote on the bill containing the DADT provision. He is working to get at least one key Republican, yes a GOP vote from Sen. Susan Collins (R-Me.), on the deal. Before she commits with a ‘yes,’ Sen. Collins wants more time for Republicans to debate other amendments in the bill, giving them a chance to strike what they don’t like. However it goes, if she gets her way, she will vote for the bill with the DADT addendum.

I’ll be so glad when this asinine rule is dead and gone. In a global “war on terror,” who the hell cares who our soldiers are sleeping with? People are blowing themselves up for religion and we worry about who’s pushing whose face into the pillow at night. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense…. *dumbasses*

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