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Toby Keith Puts FOX News In Check Too

| On 01, Apr 2010

Toby Keith followed L.L. Cool J's footsteps and put FOX in check for a second...

Country singer, Toby Keith, joins rapper/actor L.L. Cool J in laying down the law on FOX News.

As we reported yesterday, FOX News has been promoting a special called “Sarah Palin: Real American Stories,” using clips of interviews with L.L. Cool J, Jack Welch, and Toby Keith.  L.L. was the first celeb to lash out at FOX because they essentially used an unrelated interview to promote the show.

Well now, Toby Keith has his turn at bat on the FOX reputation.  He also claims that he had no knowledge that FOX was going to use the old interview for Palin’s special.  In fact, neither he nor L.L. were ever interviewed by Sarah Palin.  Keith’s spokesperson confirmed that no interview with Palin had ever taken place.

So what the hell is FOX really doing??  They trashed L.L. Cool J in a network statement yesterday when he spoke out.  Are they going to make country music’s poster child look bad too?  It’s easy to lash out at the hip-hop performer with the “fledgling acting career” because many of his fans don’t support Palin or FOX anyway. *insert sarcasm*  But, how are you going to balance Keith calling you on the carpet AND please his fans, many of whom are probably FOX/Palin supporters?  Food for thought.

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