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Tom DeLay Thinks Unemployment Benefits Make You Lazy!

| On 08, Mar 2010

Here’s a shout-out to all my unemployed readers!

Did you know that the extension of your unemployment benefits hinders you from finding a job?  Well, that’s what Tom DeLay thinks.  The former Speaker of the House was on “State of the Union with Candy Crowley” yesterday and made the claim about unemployed people.  He referenced an unnamed study that says people collecting benefits only look for a job 2-3 weeks before the money runs out.  OH REALLY, TOM???

First, where the hell is the data on this study?  Who conducted it?  Sample size?  Region of the country?  He didn’t provide one quantitative FACT to support this straw-man “study.”

Next, what planet has he been living on?  People wait 2-3 weeks before the money runs out to look for work?  That’s a damn lie!  Don’t you have to go to the unemployment office (or check in online) and prove you have been looking for work EVERY week while you collect benefits?  I’m not saying that everyone is spending 24 hours looking for a job, just like our lawmakers aren’t spending 24 hours advocating for the people!

I would like him to address what got us into this unemployment mess … risky derivatives, a housing market built out of playing cards, and Wall Street greed.  All this money (investments) we thought we had disappeared.  So, when these same investors are out of work and need assistance, now DeLay wants the government to get tough?! No sir!  You should’ve gotten tough years ago when financial firms were pimping the unregulated financial markets for every penny they could get!

I have said my peace.  Back to regularly-scheduled programming. And thanks to Talking Points Memo for the spot-on clip!

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