TSA Body Screenings Will Show Your Naked Ass

| On 17, Nov 2010

Here's an image from one of the airport body scanners in question. Yes, you can see it all! It's like looking at an X-ray of someone butt naked. smh...

People are up in arms this week about the invasive improved Transportation Security Administration screening procedures being implemented across the country.

The uproar centers on the new body scanners that the TSA is using on certain passengers at the standard security checkpoint. The devices allow security officials to see what the person has under their clothes that a standard metal detector may not pick up.This may be helpful for people hiding drugs, lip balm, wallets, money, or anything that may not be metal.

People are crying foul because of potential privacy issues associated with the machines. From the pic I posted above, you can clearly see that all of your goods (front and back) will be on display for the TSA official to see. The images are withheld from the general airport public, but still, SOMEONE will see all of what you are (or are not) working with under your clothes. lol..

In addition to violations of privacy, opponents are also upset because the scanners emit minimal amounts of radiation on the traveler. My question then is, “What if you’re a frequent traveler?” Hmm…. That may be a whole lot of radiation.

You can choose to opt-out of the body scanner altogether. However, you will be subject to a personal pat-down, which is another big issue with travelers. The pat-downs are very “personal” .. let’s say.

Of course, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano defends the use of the scanners and pats downs as a response to the increased environment of threats we live in. Others just think that the TSA is finding new ways to get their rocks off on the clock with your scanner images. This is the point where the line is almost erased between security and privacy.

As a traveler, what do you think of the new body scanners?

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