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Prune Juice Media | December 13, 2017

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U.S. House Candidate, Pamela Gorman, Fires Like a Sharpshooter in Her Ad!

| On 29, Jun 2010

This campaign ad is disturbing on several levels.

What you’re watching is an ad for Pamela Gorman, GOP candidate for Arizona’s 3rd District. This state needs another conservative like we need another drop of oil in the Gulf of Mexico.  She’s running for Congress and pulling out all the GOP playbook highlights to get elected, specifically her love for guns.

The ad shows Ms. Gorman shooting at least five different types of guns and teaching someone how to shoot a sixth one. Her YouTube page says the ad was “a fun video put together by volunteers.”  The commercial touts her 100% rating by the NRA and her position on lower taxes.

The problem I have is that the Arizona immigration law has made the state a target (pun intended) in the past three months.  Why in sweet baby Jesus’s name would you show an ad where the candidate is shooting a freaking machine gun in the open wilderness?? For some reason, this video of her shooting in a desert-like setting gives me too much of a mental image of illegal immigrants being hurt.  Don’t ask why.  I guess it’s because there’s always so much border talk and it’s a pretty desolate area.

I honestly don’t think that as a conservative, gun-loving candidate that the issues of gun rights and illegal immigration have never crossed paths in her mind or with her supporters.  The imagery is just tacky and doesn’t talk about the issues. Quit playing on fears and talk issues. I mean, is she going to take a 9mm to that ass if you don’t vote for her? Get real…

But, of course, at the end of the video you hear, “My name is Pamela Gorman and I approve this message.”  I bet she does… ::smh::

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