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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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U.S. Rep Dennis Kucinich: Holdout or Hero??

| On 15, Mar 2010

Dennis the Menace is putting both of his feet down on the progress of the current healthcare bill.

Leave it to Cleveland and they will show out!  LOL!

U.S. Representative Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) has blazed an interesting path in the healthcare debate. There’s Republicans who want the status quo of private insurers and high prices.  Democrats want reform, but have realized that it will only happen modestly at first with mandates for everyone to have private insurance and no public option.

Then there’s Kucinich.  The Cleveland-area lawmaker says to hell with what everyone else thinks.  Today he welcomes President Obama to Strongsville, Ohio for a healthcare rally.  But, he has confirmed that he will firmly vote NO on the health reform bill because it doesn’t have a strong public option (or one at all).  It also doesn’t pave the way for certain states to enact a single payer system, where the government pays all of the healthcare costs and there are no private insurers.

Kucinich, in my opinion, is a realist to an extent. He claims that he wants to see more protection for consumers against greedy private insurers.  I can agree with that because with the new bill, there still may be several ways that insurers can get around paying the tab.

It seems to me that Kucinich takes a strong interest in the middle class, as Cleveland has been hit hard by the recession.  I think he feels now is the time for Congress to get it right and remove the burden on working families.  On the other hand, Kucinich is voting ‘no’ on the only real chance we have for healthcare reform before the November elections (and possibly more Republican victories).  It’s a Catch-22 – and a big one at that!

Do you think Kucinich should be voting along party lines to get SOME level of reform passed?  Or, is it ok for him to block the whole thing because it’s not as progressive as he wants? I would love to hear your responses.

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