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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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VIDEO: The Rodeo Metaphor and the Coal Industry. LOL!

| On 22, Jul 2010

I was watching The Weather Channel this afternoon and this commercial popped up.

Don’t ask me why, but I thought this commercial was kinda hilarious! Maybe it was the people, especially the lady, falling off the bull that tickled me so much. Blame it on my mix of being sleepy and full from lunch. Who knows?

The ad is for, a coalition of industries that support turning coal into electricity. They use the metaphor of corporate hacks and plus-sized black women being thrown from bulls to show how YOU will be thrown from your job if you support a cap-and-trade bill. [I don’t know too many black women who rides bulls in the first place, but they get an ‘A-‘ for artistic license.]

In English, it means they want to pollute as much as they feel like it with no “cap” on carbon emissions. Great for their pockets .. bad for your lungs, hair, and the ozone. Global warming is real and eating at the one layer of protection between me and the sun …  ::shakes head::

For now, I’ll stick to laughing at the commercial. I don’t see myself calling my Congressional reps asking them to nix a bill that’s good for the GLOBAL environment. I try to take the high road and think about others outside of my own backyard. We all gotta suckle from Mother Earth’s big bosom.

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