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Prune Juice Media | January 22, 2018

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Well, Helen Thomas Gets “Sentenced” to IMMEDIATE Retirement

| On 07, Jun 2010

Helen Thomas, in my opinion, was given her walking papers of "immediate retirement" on Monday for anti-Semitic remarks on May 27.

I wanna say to Helen Thomas, “Well damn, could you have waited until the ink dried on my other post this morning about you before breaking even bigger news?”

Looks like the press and politics finally chewed up and spit out the poor little old lady, White House Correspondent, Helen Thomas. After some damn-near vile remarks about Jewish people and their presence in Palestine were videotaped and put on YouTube, there was an uproar in Washington, D.C. about the 89-year-old and her mouth.

Well, her storied 50-year job covering the White House and 67-year overall career in journalism came to a crashing halt today with the announcement of her retirement effective immediately, via her employer, Hearst Newspapers. In English, “immediate retirement” means “she’s too old and too much of a legend to be fired, but that bitty won’t be putting her quill on our newsprint ANYMORE!  How you like us now?!”

Everyone jumped on the bandwagon to disassociate themselves with her comments, including the White House Correspondents Association, which had for years dubbed her the “dean” of White House press corps.  Even Robert Gibbs, White House spokesperson, took aim at Helen today from the podium during the daily briefing.

So there you have it.  Old lady makes anti-Semitic remarks (even though she IS an opinion columnist), media lights her on fire, and her employer announces her “retirement effective immediately.”  Is that how it works? I’m not supporting Ms. Thomas’s remarks, but just simply posing a question.

Now this is the childish part.  The board of the White House Correspondents Association is figuring out if they should rethink the SEATING CHART in the briefing room.  Is this an A.M. kindergarten class?!  They don’t feel that anymore “opinion columnists” have a place in the front row of the White House briefing room.  Then they wonder why no one is that into “big media” anymore.  THEY ARE PETTY AS HELL!! They are more worried about who sits where than needling the people they need to go after.

Where’s the uproar about the industries losing billions on the Gulf Coast?!  Where is the complete outrage when our President is called all kinds of names?  Bigotry of any kind is unacceptable, but I think Ms. Thomas has now been fairly used as an example of what NOT to do. We get it.

Can we get back to real business now please? And leave that damn seating chart alone!!  Helen blazed a trail for every woman who sits in that briefing room since she was the first woman to ever cover the White House.  Can they at least give her that?!

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