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Prune Juice Media | December 15, 2017

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WH Correspondent Helen Thomas Is In Hot Water Over Jewish Remarks

| On 07, Jun 2010

I have a soft spot in my heart for elderly ladies, and White House correspondent Helen Thomas, a Hearst Newspapers columnist, is no exception.

But the above video recently surfaced with a brief exchange between Ms. Thomas and a video blogger.  It offers some insights to her views about Jewish people.  When asked what she thought about (the situation in) Israel, she said, “Tell them to get the hell out of Palestine.” Hmm..

She went on to add that Jewish people should go back “Poland, Germany, America, and everywhere else” and leave Palestine, since they are “occupying” the land.  Even though you can hear the interviewer laughing in the background, it’s a pretty harsh statement.

(For those that don’t know, Israel and Palestine are in what seems to be an eternal conflict.  Also, the Holocaust was the period in history where the mass killing of Jews occurred in places like Germany.  So .. no Helen .. don’t think they’ll be going back there anytime soon, luv).

The Jewish community and media wasted no time, rightfully so, ripping the 89-year-old yet another blowhole that she doesn’t need in her advanced age. They don’t care that Helen was there when Abe freed the slaves or how she watched Helen Keller take her first drink of W-A-T-E-R.  Everyone is fair game in the 24-hour news cycle.

Thomas been called all kinds of foul names, some of which even made me blush.  Some have called for her resignation from the position of covering the White House that she’s literally held since 1960.  Her speaker’s bureau representation, Nine Speakers, dropped her from their roster.  Even Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda, Md. canceled her appearance as their commencement speaker next Monday.  People are not playing with Lil’ Helen.

She apologized for the remarks on her website.  But, people want more of course.  At 89 years old, I don’t think Helen is looking to build her resume or make new friends.  Though I don’t condone the language or tone, this offense too shall pass. She know she was wrong, just like Harry Reid knew he was wrong when he called President Obama a “Negro.”

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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