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WH Social Secretary Throws In Her Quit Letter

| On 26, Feb 2010

Rogers threw up her two fingers to Barack and Mi-Mi this afternoon...

Today must be the day to walk away from your job!  First Gov. David Patterson, now this…

White House Social Secretary, Desiree Rogers, announced that she will move on to pursue new opportunities ASAP after only a year in office.  She was mostly a low-key person in a behind-the-scenes position.  In late 2009, she was thrown into the spotlight because she allegedly approved the entrance of the Salahis at a high-profile White House dinner with the president.  The couple, later known as “party-crashers”, became enemy #1 because they breached some serious security and access to POTUS and VPOTUS.  Since the social secretary handles all of those details, Rogers faced intense scrutiny about the President’s security, guest lists, and who exactly was at fault.

In brief statements about her resignation, Rogers mentioned that her goal had been to lay the framework of turning the White House into the “people’s house.”  She believes she accomplished that goal, so she’s throwing two fingers to the wind and pushing her 1975 Buick back down Pennsylvania Avenue at 5:00 p.m. ET today.

Let me help my readers get some clarity on this. In PJM ENGLISH, this is what she meant:  “I didn’t sign up for all this press in my business.  You all have pushed me to my limit with these people who were determined to get up in this White House come hell or high water.  So, instead of making me the scapegoat … I’m gonna make sure this door doesn’t hit me where God split me!  If you have questions, I’ll be in Chicago!  PEACE!!”

(Just in case you were wondering, that is NOT a direct quote from Ms. Rogers .. LOL!)

In her 14 months in office, Rogers planned at least 330 events at the White House.  So, she knows how to tear the club up when needed.  We wish her well.

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