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What Idiot Approved Spirit Airlines’ Ad Campaign?!

| On 23, Jun 2010

Spirit Airlines gets an "A" for failing miserably at this ad campaign that has done nothing but raise America's blood pressure!

Someone is smoking a powerful rock over at Spirit Airlines! It’s either that or some jet fuel get in a few folks coffee this week.  Damn!

I was minding my own business this afternoon when Twitter (one of the few times it WORKED today) starting imploding with tweets about the above ad from Spirit Airlines.  The ad actually makes a tacky reference to the oil spill in the Gulf.  Are they freaking kidding me?  What TRAVEL company who actually wants passengers on their planes does this??  Didn’t the “DUMBASS” light signal go off in the cockpit at some point??

Early Wednesday morning, the three ads were still up in rotation on Spirit’s website.  They show half-naked women, oiled-up with suntan lotion, with the headline, “Check out the oil on our beaches.”  The oil comes out of a green bottle marked “Best Protection,” playing off of BP’s initials.  The idea is to remind customers that there are several cities they fly to that don’t have oil on the beaches.  The only oil you’ll see in places like Fort Lauderdale is on women in bikinis.

This is the height of rude, classless, and utterly offensive behavior. How can an airline justify building an ad campaign off of a suffering region of the country?  Did anyone in the company not think for five minutes about how big of an asshole this was going to make the company look? Better yet, did anyone at Spirit or their ad agency think AT ALL?

I’m almost tempted to tell a few of their marketing people to jump in the Gulf and go play.  Let’s see how much oil those empty brains can sop up…

(Thanks to Talking Points Memo for the screen capture).

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