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Prune Juice Media | December 11, 2017

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What The Hell Are The Banks Smoking???

| On 18, Jan 2010

The banks think you have a money tree in your backyard! You know, the one you park your Maybach under every night...

Yeah, I said it!  I’m talking about these mega-banks that caused the financial collapse of the past couple of years.  Somehow they rolled up and smoked some powerful GUNJA with your taxpayer bailout dollars.  It’s got the whole industry high as a kite with the munchies for your money!!!

I’m referring specifically to the Financial Crisis Responsibility Fee that the President has proposed against the banks.  This tax is in addition to the bailout money and interest they have to pay back.  It is a $90 billion fee against the 50 banks that the Obama Administration feels decorated this financial PIGPEN we’re in now.  Think of it as strong discipline for the future so we don’t go back in this mess.  And guess what … the banks have the nerve to be upset at the fees!?!?! You have got to be SH*TTIN ME!!!  Obama must feel the same way I do because he lashed out at the banks in his weekly radio address on Saturday.

These banks got taxpayer money for pulling balance sheets, loans, and mortgages for years right out the ass!  They messed up, got a bailout, paid some of it back … but now want to tell you (THEIR LENDER) how they should or should not be punished??  Remember, you (the taxpayer) are stuck with the following:

  • Foreclosures
  • Stripping and private dancing to make ends meet
  • Repossessions (the show ‘Operation Repo’ is a big hit!)
  • Reduced or eliminated credit lines
  • Tighter lending restrictions
  • Layoffs (because your company couldn’t make payroll)
  • Selling Grandma’s pearls or maybe even Grandma herself
  • Bank account balances that couldn’t feed a goldfish, let alone your family of four and gas for that 1985 wood-paneled station wagon parked in the driveway

So financial institutions, please run that one by me again???  I’m just a tad bit confused.  Uggh…

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