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Prune Juice Media | December 15, 2017

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White House Press Corps Gripes About POTUS Access

| On 29, Apr 2010

Robert Gibbs ain't hearin' the press! He is not concerned about what you think of his work style! wrote an extremely long and informative piece today on the relationship between the Obama White House and the press pool that covers it.  This is like media holy grail for me…

Here’s the problem in nutshell.  The reporters, mostly traditional print outlets and TV, are pissed off with the White House. These are the people you’ll see (or hear rather) in the daily White House briefing with Robert Gibbs, the president’s press secretary.  The reporters say that the press office plays favorites in giving scoop to reporters – with The New York Times as a particular love interest. Gibbs has also been branded as hard to get on the phone or lax in returning emails.  They have been saying this since President Obama took office, and yes, some of it is rightful criticism.  Obama hasn’t hosted a pure news conference in months.

We’ve learned from this Administration that they are not afraid to take to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and the White House website in general to get their message out.  It’s not odd to see the president on a major morning show or cable network when needed.  His administration, in my opinion, has a more grassroots approach to the media than previous presidents.  Traditional outlets complain that they aren’t getting the access they need (read: want) to POTUS, and they are letting it be known.

When the outlets do push ahead and write stories about the Administration and they do not come out favorable to Obama .. oh baby .. do they ever HEAR about it! Reporters have recalled being hollered at, sent nasty emails, and damn near cursed completely out because a story was written in a way the White House didn’t like.

Many responses in the media have been, “Well, you (WH press office) should’ve ANSWERED YOUR PHONES then!”  I agree.  As I always say, “Your lack of communication leaves the gate open for me to think and write what I want.  Take it or leave it.”  I apply this professionally and personally.  Get into it.

I’m going to wrap this up by saying I love politics, even with all of its flaws and setbacks.  I love my approach to the genre of being honest, sarcastic, and funny.  It would be a great honor for Prune Juice Media to one day speak with the President of the United States in an interview.  But, as good as this blog’s name is – the White House Press Office has got another thing coming if they were to EVER cuss me out on the phone! I can imagine the AT&T line MELTING NOW from the foul language coming out of my mouth.  Wheww..

LOL .. seriously, I have a lot of respect for Robert Gibbs and his work.  I actually hope they continue their strategy of giving the alternative little folks (LIKE PRUNE JUICE MEDIA) a chance at presidential access!  Call me Robert…

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