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Why Is Grown-Ass Eric Massa TICKLING His Male Staff Members??

| On 10, Mar 2010

We have all been looking at Eric Massa with the same "deer in headlights" face since last week.

I wish I was lying to you all, but I couldn’t make it up if I tried.

I’m honestly tired of talking about former Rep. Eric Massa (D-NY), but his stories just reach for the stars in the WTF universe. Massa appeared on Glenn Beck on Tuesday night to discuss his side of the controversy around his resignation on Monday.

If you have been keeping up with Prune Juice Media this week, then you already know the wackiness that’s been going on in Massa’s world.  If not, click here and here to get up to speed on where I’m about to take you.

Back to Glenn Beck.  In the first 10 minutes of the program, Massa let even more of the cat out of the bag about his sexual harassment accusations.  He admitted to groping a male staff member while he tickled the guy until he couldn’t breathe.  Oh yeah, then four other guys jumped on him after that. This was all during his 50th birthday party. Mind you, Massa and the bachelor male staffers were all living in the same townhouse.  Yes, one of New York’s U.S. representatives was living in a townhouse with his staff.  Unacceptable.

Then Massa offers Beck some raunchy photos of Navy rituals that Beck wouldn’t show on air.  Massa claimed they looked like an “orgy in ‘Caligula’.”  God help us.  I actually have to thank Glenn for putting his foot down and not showing them.

Beck asked Massa if his wife was there during the 50th birthday tickle fight.  Hell naw she wasn’t around!  My question is where has she been all of this time?  Does she support her husband walking around with inappropriate Navy photos?  Where are all of these staffers?  His revelations in the past three days are enough to make anyone sit down and have a long talk with Jesus.  I just flat-out have lost all understanding of this man and his moving-target motives.

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