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Wife of Clarence Thomas Taps Into Tea Party Movement

| On 16, Mar 2010

Clarence Thomas and his wife, Virginia. Why did I not know that she was that much younger than him?

Virginia Thomas, wife of Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas, has started a lobbying group called Liberty Central that is built on the insanity energy of the conservative movement.  Yep, and Washington, D.C. needs another lobbying firm like Los Angeles needs another actor!

Leonard Leo was tapped to lead the Liberty Central.  He is currently a top-ranking member of the Federalist Society, a national collection of conservative and libertarian attorneys that advocate for strict principles of the Constitution and separation of government powers.  Of course, Clarence is a member of that group too.

Anyway, Liberty Central is ready to fight the liberal Washington agenda and restore “liberty” to our land. They feel we have gotten too far away from the Constitution and need to get back to our core values.  She’s right!  We need to go back to the days where we were free to be wiretapped, free to torture, and free to let the Executive Branch run unchecked.  And now with her husband’s YES vote, corporations are free to pimp our electoral process and buy their way to legislative happiness.  Isn’t liberty great?!

By the way, the group is NONPARTISAN!  It’s just that everyone running the damn thing is conservative. Thomas claims that there are no conflicts of interest between her husband’s role and her organization.  She only shares the same bed with a judge who can never be fired and has one-ninth of the final say on top judicial matters in most of the  free world.  Nope, no conflict there!

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