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Prune Juice Media | January 22, 2018

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Will the Democrats Get The 216 Votes?!

| On 20, Mar 2010

This is probably THE most critical week of the Obama presidency so far. The above clip is from President Obama’s healthcare rally at George Mason University on Friday.  This is considered his “closing argument” on the long, drawn-out issue.  It’s Obama in classic campaign mode .. on fire and ready to SMOKE anyone in his path!

If you’ve been living under a rock, you might be better off than the rest of us who have had to listen to this healthcare debate day in and day out.  While you were away, though, the House of Representatives has now come VERY close to securing the magical 216 majority votes to pass their version of the healthcare bill. The vote is likely to take place on Sunday.

Obama & Co. and the Congressional leadership have been fighting tooth and nail for the votes on this legislation.  There are some Democrats who won’t vote for the bill because it allows federal funding for abortions.  Other Dems don’t like the Medicare favors that certain states are receiving over others.  But, there is hope.  Just on Friday, four additional Democrats broke in favor of the bill – just as Dennis Kucinich did earlier this week.

So, be prepared to see A LOT of this coverage on the news this weekend.  Of course, we’ll keep you updated PJM-style.  I just hope that Sunday vote doesn’t interfere with any of my shows that may come on.  We are ready to get this vote over with so we can GO ON WITH OUR LIVES!!!! Thanks.


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