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Prune Juice Media | December 16, 2017

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WTF Moments: Massa’s Sexual Harrassment Stories

| On 08, Mar 2010

Eric Massa: The "What the hell?" saga continues...

Something in my spirit told me this was going to get WEIRD!  And it never lets me down…

We reported yesterday that Rep. Eric Massa (D-NY) would be stepping down today from his position because of a recurring “cancer scare.”  At the same time, however, Massa is being investigated by the House Ethics Committee for the sexual harassment of a junior male staffer.  You make your own decision about why you think he’s leaving. Mind you, now that he has officially resigned from Congress, he is no longer under their jurisdiction as far as the investigation goes.

If that isn’t enough of a “Hmmm…,” Massa took to his radio show on WKPQ in Hornell, NY this weekend to actually paint the picture of some of these “colorful” incidents in which he has so willingly participated over the years.  Massa is also a 24-year veteran of the Navy, where people first began to turn their side-eye at him.

Let me give you the quick and dirty (no pun intended) run-down of Massa’s classic WTF moments:

  • Early 1990’s (Navy ship in the Persian Gulf): Massa walks in on his roommate masturbating and slaps him on the leg and says “[If] you need any help with that, let me know…”  The roommate was so embarrassed that he moved out of the quarters immediately.
  • Mid 1980’s (Navy ship near the equator): Massa participated in a traditional Navy “crossing the line” hazing exercise.  Seasoned members of the crew haze the newbies the first time they cross the equator.  Massa hazed crew members by making them go through chutes of garbage naked, they had to stick their faces crotches of the older members, and the newbies had to dress in drag.
  • Early 2009 (Congressional gym): Massa claims that he and White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, got into an argument WHILE SHOWERING in the gym’s locker room.  Emanuel was upset because Massa would not vote for Obama’s budget.
  • New Year’s Eve 2009: Massa says he was at a wedding reception with some male staffers.  He claims to have danced with the bride and bridesmaids then sits down with the staffers.  One of the staffers made the suggestion that he ought to be chasing after the bridesmaid.  Massa’s response to one staffer was, “What I really ought to be doing is fracking you…”  This is part of the series of incidents that the House Ethics Committee is investigating in 2010.

It’s just one WTF moment after another.  For someone who is innocent, he sure does recall vivid detail about his inappropriate interactions.  The whole thing is just weird to read and even worse to type.  It’s kinda like a drunk uncle that knows he crosses the line all the time, but he wants you to excuse it because he’s always been like that.  At least, that’s the vibe I get from Massa lately.

I personally think he stepped down because he knew the investigation couldn’t continue if he were out of Congress, since it’s not in police hands.  If we ever hear from the staffer, you already know I’m going to have an update for you.

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