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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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Watch President Obama’s ‘Twitter Town Hall’

| On 07, Jul 2011

On Wednesday, President Obama hosted the first-ever ‘Twitter Town Hall’ to engage with ordinary American people about their pressing issues. The event was streamed live on the web (see above clip) and parts were picked up by some of the cable news channels.

The president kicked off the event by sending a live tweet from the @WhiteHouse account. (And yep, that’s a MACBOOK PRO the president is using, even though they covered the Apple logo).

From there, he and Jack Dorsey, the Executive Chairman of Twitter, had an hour-long discussion about a series of topics. Some tweets were submitted over the past week. A few were answered in real-time during the event. The president talked a lot about the economy, jobs, and the fight for a debt ceiling increase.

The president verbally responded to each tweet. As usual, you know his answers were long-winded! He did a decent job, though, because he took more questions from Twitter than he takes in a traditional news conference (18 in total). One of the questions was from House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) who just wanted to be an ass and ask, “Where are the jobs?!” ::sigh::

This event, to me, showed that the president has some room for a real audience on Twitter. He tweeted on Father’s Day for the first time from his @BarackObama account and one other time with the American Red Cross back in January. But, POTUS’s Twitter game is not the best. He has got to step it up. LOL!

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