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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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Al Gore Blasts President Obama on Climate Change

| On 22, Jun 2011

Al Gore is pissed off with President Obama about his sluggish performance on climate change.

Former Vice President Al Gore had to take the gloves off on President Obama recently about one of his favorite topics … CLIMATE CHANGE!

One thing you won’t do is under-perform or under-deliver for Al Gore on the issue of climate change. But, he feels that’s exactly what the president has done since taking office. In a Rolling Stone article, Gore slashed and burned Obama’s lack of follow-through with Congress on the topic as it was sorely defunded.

Gore cites a lack of presidential leadership on the topic to make it a priority for the American people. He says that there are facts to back up the claims of global warming, but that Obama hasn’t offered a platform to have the discussion.

I have to say that I agree with Gore on this one. This presidency could have been the perfect time for Obama to step up and really take this country in a new direction with clean energy and alternative fuel sources. (Has anyone seen the gas prices before their recent drop?) Our pollution habits have caused a warming of the Earth, but people with vested interests in keeping oil prices high have decided that we don’t need clean energy.

Hopefully, the climate change community will continue to press the Obama Administration into (what could be) a second term about this issue.

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