Al Sharpton Gets His Own MSNBC Show

| On 23, Aug 2011

Rev. Al Sharpton has a lot to smile about lately. He is making big media moves with a new show on MSNBC called "PoliticsNation." (Photo courtesy of AP)

The media gods have shined down this week on civil rights activist Rev. Al Sharpton.

The nationally-syndicated radio show host and frequent media contributor will launch “PoliticsNation” in the 6:00 p.m. ET hour starting August 29. Sharpton has guest-hosted for a while now on the network. He will continue his radio show while he ventures into TV.

Executives at MSNBC and Sharpton feel that he should be a good fit for the cable channel. He has years of experience fighting for everyday Americans and seems to click with the network’s mission of arming people with powerful information.

Reaction to Sharpton’s new media venture was mixed. African-American journalists were upset that Sharpton is not a “real journalist.” Conservatives were dissecting his record trying to dig up any dirt they could find in his past. Others celebrated the accomplishment simply because there aren’t many faces of color with major network shows like his.

My personal hope is that Sharpton is fine-tuning his teleprompter-reading skills and not making hilarious gaffes like he did two weeks ago. Say a little prayer for the Rev…

“We will … we much … we must” LOL!!!!

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