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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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Alabama Taps Its Racist Roots for New Immigration Law

| On 10, Jun 2011

AL Gov. Robert Bentley serves a strong side-eye to all of the brown people of his state. His new law implies that if you don't have legal citizenship papers, then get the hell out ASAP!

It is about to get much tougher to be “brown in Alabama” if you cannot prove you are in the U.S. legally.

Gov. Robert Bentley signed the nation’s toughest immigration law into effect on Thursday, even surpassing the damage done by Arizona’s “leadership” on the issue. As of September 1, it will be a crime to be in Alabama illegally or to knowingly transport an illegal person throughout the state. Businesses will be punished that hire illegals and could face suspension or revocation of their business license.

Police and other officials will now be required to check the citizenship of persons they deem to be “illegal” and detain them if they cannot produce proper identification. So basically, the state reverted back to 1811 when blacks had to show proper ID in order to travel in the slave-holding south. That’s what it sounds like to me except it’s geared to to the Latinos.

The kicker in the Alabama law is that the citizenship of the state’s schoolchildren will now have to be verified through sworn affidavits and/or birth certificates. That tenet is not a part of the Arizona law. Observers believe that this will lead to student harassment and/or general fear about the learning environment from those who may be in the U.S. illegally.

The law sailed through the Alabama State Legislature, as both the House and Senate are solidly Republican. Gov. Bentley is also a member of the GOP. *side-eye*

What is really going on with states across the country that make these awful laws that supersede federal authority on the issue? If none of the states that border Alabama have this law in place, then how effective can it really be? I’m not saying that illegal immigration does not need to be addressed. But, in essence, green-lighting Jim Crow all over again is not the answer.

To me, this law is a xenophobic attempt to wash out a growing minority of people in a strongly conservative state. If anything, Alabama needs to welcome diversity to its state because it has NEVER been known for it before!

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