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Prune Juice Media | December 15, 2017

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Ambassador Asks for Donations to Rick Perry In His Obituary

| On 24, Aug 2011

Yeah Rick Perry ... We are confused as hell too about why someone needs to donate to your campaign at a time of death!

This is one of the strangest occurrences I have seen with the death of a political notable.

Former U.S. Ambassador to Luxembourg Peter Terpeluk unfortunately passed away on Tuesday. He served under President George W. Bush and had been a staunch Republican and fundraiser. Terpeluk was one of the first people to support Texas Gov. Rick Perry for president.

His obituary listed the usual about surviving family members and logistics for the funeral. But, the last line threw me all the way off. It said:

“In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Perry for President 2012.”

Pump the brakes! What the hell?

Did this guy (or his family), in DEATH, ask that we donate to Rick Perry’s campaign? What if I was a great Democratic friend of his? Will the family not accept my flowers and sympathy card? I’m just saying..

Those may be his wishes, but they sure are strange. I’m sure Perry has no problem taking the money. It just seems out-of-place surrounding someone’s death.

Sidenote: Thanks to Politico for the heads-up on the death notice.

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