AZ Gov. Brewer Takes a Stand and Vetoes Birther Bill

| On 19, Apr 2011

AZ Gov. Jan Brewer offers her most immediate side-eye and veto to the state legislature that passed a "birther bill" for her to sign.

Despite my opinions in previous posts, there might be a shred of decency left in The Wrinkled One, Arizona’s Governor Jan Brewer.

Jan-Jan partially redeemed herself this week when she vetoed the so-called “Birther Bill” that was passed by the Arizona Legislature. The measure says that any candidate for office (federal or local) must show the Arizona Secretary of State proof of their U.S. citizenship to appear on the state’s ballot. It’s in response to the sad fight by some extreme conservatives that STILL don’t believe President Obama is a U.S. citizen and is a Kenyan Muslim.

The potential law is really stupid and would create a very UNNECESSARY layer of bureaucracy for federal candidates who appear on Arizona’s ballot. Brewer is a former AZ Secretary of State, so she is familiar with what’s needed if the measure passed. She doesn’t want to put that kind of power in the hands of one state level person when deciding, let’s say, the PRESIDENCY of the United States.

I agree with Gov. Brewer on this one. (Yes, write it down). The birther debate has been so pointless from the beginning. It’s my belief that some of the radical right are trying to create any and every trap possible to “catch” President Obama before Election 2012. They are already pissed off to no end that he even made it to the White House.

Despite Brewer’s veto, the law may still go into effect. The law passed 20-9 in the AZ Senate and 40-16 in the AZ House, an almost veto-proof majority. We’ll have to see just how determined Arizona is to make a national ass out of themselves. They have succeeded at it in the past.

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