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Prune Juice Media | December 16, 2017

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Barbara Walters Picks Herman Cain as ‘Fascinating’ in 2011 (VIDEO)

| On 15, Dec 2011

The Queen of News Media, Barbara Walters, has released her list of the Most Fascinating People of 2011.

Former GOP presidential candidate, Herman Cain, has earned a spot on the list this year for obvious reasons. In addition to being the only African-American candidate other than President Obama in the 2012 contest, Cain is a Republican .. and a fiesty one at that.

Cain sat down for a few minutes with Walters. They touched on some highlights of his failed bid, his aspirations moving forward, and even a taste of his “talent.”

If he is ever given the opportunity, Cain says he wants to be Secretary of Defense. He claims he wants to help “rebuild” our military. Walters was shocked at that because she thought he’d  go after a Treasury position. I also think she had the general WTF face just at the thought of him being in any public position now.

Cain is still claiming that all those women and allegations are false. He thinks it’s just a plot to take him down. ::sigh:: He also said that he thinks Democrats did not want to see another accomplished black man take on President Obama in the election. He really needs to look closer to home at the GOP that stabbed him in the back. He is the least of the president’s worries.

Finally, at the request of Walters, Herman Cain sang for the camera. He’s not a Luther Vandross, I tell ya’ that! Watch for yourself.

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