Bill O’Reilly Thinks “Soul Train” Is the Answer to Obama’s Black Outreach

| On 07, Dec 2011

Bill O'Reilly has been an undercover fan of "Soul Train" for awhile. (Photo credit unknown)

FOX News pundit Bill O’Reilly has shown his true colors yet again.

On “The O’Reilly Factor” on Tuesday night, he brought on Dr. Marc Lamont Hill, an African-American, to discuss a few items about the election. The topic worked its way over to President Obama’s outreach strategy in the black community. Ever the ethnic expert, O’Reilly wondered out loud why a specific outreach strategy was needed for African-Americans in the first place.

So jokingly, O’Reilly asks Hill, “is [President Obama] going to be on “Soul Train?””

Wait. Huh? SOUL TRAIN?

First of all, the show hasn’t been on-air in five years. Second, who even watched it like that when it did come on? And finally, why would an outdated music show be ground zero for the leader of the free world to talk to his own people?

Has O’Reilly forgotten that blacks live in neighborhoods or worship at churches? Maybe he missed the fact roughly 82 percent of them work real jobs. There are lots of other ways to reach black people.

Also, if O’Reilly looked at the voting tallies of African-Americans from the last major election, he would see WHY a black outreach strategy is so needed. Voter participation is not the best in our community, and that’s an understatement.

I’m not here to call O’Reilly a racist. That would be incorrect. He is more grossly out of touch than anything and it’s almost funny to watch. 

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