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Prune Juice Media | January 22, 2018

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Bloomberg / Washington Post GOP Pres. Debate Was a Time Waster

| On 13, Oct 2011

There was yet another Republican debate on Tuesday night. This time the sideshow was brought to you by Bloomberg and The Washington Post. You can watch the entire debate in the video above.

The format was a bit different from previous debates because the economy was the sole focus. Great, I thought, since I was curious to see what each of the candidates’ plans would be. Instead of the standard lecterns facing the audience, the candidates  sat at a large roundtable that gave it more of an “intimate” feel.

That was all a façade.

You know I’m honest with my audience. I have to say that this debate took the life out of me. My heart wasn’t in it. As I should have expected, I was let down.

I found myself not paying attention at some points, not because I’m disengaged politically. My spirit is just so tired of hearing the same bullshit talking points that I’ve started to tune them out.

Many of the candidates took the opportunity, not to present their detailed plans but, to further inject economic talking points around each of the questions. It was the battle of the questions vs. the non-answers. Here’s a few highlights:

  • Texas Gov. Rick Perry said he would not be releasing his economic strategy that evening, but rather wait until later in the week. REALLY RICK?! Isn’t that the point of an “economy-focused” debate?
  • Herman Cain cut through the chatter the best with his 9-9-9 strategy of nine percent corporate, personal, and national sales tax across the board. He wants to completely throw out the current federal tax code. Is it a realistic solution? Eh, not so much. But, it was a plan … a rough one … but a starting point.
  • Almost all of the candidates suggested further investments in old technologies to get the economy up and running. There is nothing wrong with manufacturing, but let’s start manufacturing some items we will need in the future. Be innovative!
  • Ron Paul is still on his master plan to get rid of the entire federal government. It’s not a real strategy, but just a “clean house” tactic. It won’t work.
  • Michele Bachmann lives in a fantasy world of strict talking points and a weak-ass president who bends to everything she tries to do in Washington. How about NOT?!
  • When is someone going to tap Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman, and Rick OpSantorum and tell them they aren’t really in the race anymore? Newt, America’s walking hypocrite, should be ashamed of himself at this point. He is just throwing rocks at everyone else for kicks.

I’ll never get those two hours of my life back from October 11. And to think I missed second Oprah’s LifeClass for this debate! ::angry sigh::

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