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*BREAKING* WI Senate Dems Face Arrest If They Don’t Return

| On 03, Mar 2011

Wisconsin's Republican Senators are going to turn over every BRICK of the State Capitol until they get all 14 Democrats back in the building.

Here are some brand new developments out of Madison, Wisconsin.

The Republicans in the Wisconsin Senate have voted 19-0 that they will have the missing 14 Democrats ARRESTED and brought to the State Capitol to complete their work if they don’t appear soon. The lawmakers have until 4:00 p.m. CT to arrive their own or face charges of contempt. Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R) is leading the effort to bring the wayward senators back to Madison.

It is, however, unclear if bring the Democrats to the State Capitol by force is legal. They can only be arrested while the Legislature is in session if they commit a felony, treason, or a breach of the peace. Doesn’t seem like their walkout, which has been done in previous sessions of the Legislature, is illegal.

Also, the question is how will the senators be arrested. The Wisconsin State Police only have jurisdiction inside of Wisconsin. The missing senators are believed to be in Illinois.

Overall, I think these tactics are some bullshit. If these were Tea Party activists, they would be labeled as “fighting for liberty, justice, and the American dream…” We finally have elected representatives that clearly stand up for the people and they want them arrested?

To all the Wisconsin Senate Republicans, it’s called DEMOCRACY! Things don’t always go your way. Live with it.

Meanwhile, we shall see what the Democrats do in the next 2.5 hours….

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