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Prune Juice Media | December 11, 2017

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Bristol Palin Set to Dust Off Her Literary Pen

| On 08, Feb 2011

Bristol Palin plans to hack her "memoir" sometime soon. Sadly, there are several people that are going to pick it up. Damn.

Free market capitalism is a bitch. But, it definitely has a thing for Bristol Palin.

She got pregnant out of wedlock at 17 and had a baby shortly after her mom ran for vice president. Though Sarah lost the White House, Bristol & Co. won because the extra media attention went to her new cause of speaking around the country for ransom-like figures about the drawbacks of teen pregnancy.

If that’s not enough for you, throw in a stint on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars and the ultimate and latest bombshell … a book deal to pen Bristol’s “memoir.”

Let that one soak in for a second.

This little girl is writing a memoir ABOUT WHAT?!?!?! She just turned 20 in October. She can’t even tell a legally drunken story in her book yet.

Sources are saying that a HarperCollins subsidiary, who worked with Sarah on her ventures, will publish the book and it will retail for nearly $25 when it is released. I’m sorry, but Bill Clinton’s book My Life goes for $24 online at a major retailer and he was the leader of the free world. How then can B.B.’s book cost more? What is she contributing to the national dialogue that MTV’s Teen Mom show hasn’t yet covered? lol..

Millions of people have survived unwed parenting. I still expect the book to lean heavily on that topic. Other than being hot in the pants in high school and raising a toddler, I’m drawing a blank as to what other big topics the memoir.

I can’t be too mad at her though. Get your coins Bristol! ::smh::

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