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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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China Accused of Playing With Its Citizens’ Gmail

| On 22, Mar 2011

Google can feel the evil side-eye of China over its Gmail product.

I don’t know about you, but one thing I CANNOT STAND is an interrupted flow of information and/or my Internet connection. It drives me up the wall when I go to check or post something and I have ANY technical difficulties. (I’ve never had “technology patience” .. lol!)

China has taken this a step further and SUPPOSEDLY tinkered with Gmail accounts of some of its citizens. They have complained that it has been increasingly difficult to send messages and access their address books on the site. Gmail is Google’s email brand.

Google officials struck the first blow by accusing the Chinese government of filtering the email service because of their broader clamp on the Internet as a whole. China vehemently denies this. Well, something is wrong because folks cannot send their messages.

China and Google have not played well together in business anyway. They already got into a back and forth last year about censorship of search results and blocking of YouTube. China was also accused of launching attacks on human rights activists earlier this year via the same Gmail service. As you see, China is dead-set on limiting the flow of information in their country.

One thing China better learn is NOT to eff with people’s Internet and their Gmail. They must want to see a revolution really soon. Whew, that boils my blood. lol…

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