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Prune Juice Media | December 15, 2017

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Our Chinese Slavemaster, Hu Jintao, Pays a Visit

| On 21, Jan 2011

Our Chinese "Daddy" came to check on his next colony ... the United States .. in this week's official visit.

In case you haven’t been glued to the news this week, we got a visit from the prime minister of China this week.

You may not know him well. His name is Hu Jintao. But trust me, Hu-Hu knows YOU (and your bank account) really well. See, you, myself, and the rest of America owe him and his government over $1 trillion.

Wednesday was a big day for Jintao. President Obama hosted him in an official state visit, the first for a Chinese leader since 1997. The day was filled with meetings, a joint press conference, and the official star-studded state dinner that evening. The Obamas pulled out all the stops for Jintao, as is usually expected when a high-level dignitary visits.

While in the U.S., Jintao also visited with Congressional leaders on Capitol Hill, even though they look at him with an ongoing side-eye. He also dashed off to Chicago for some business meetings and visits.

There was probably more unspoken tension than appeared on the surface for the cameras. Here are a few areas where the U.S. and China aren’t seeing eye-to-eye:

  • Debt: Plain and simple, we owe them a lot of damn money. I mean, break your piggy bank, throw on your stacked heel, and start private dancing A.S.A.P. type of debt. They have been buying up a lot of our federal debt, but one day that has to be paid back.
  • Human rights: China is a Communist nation. To say they treat their people like shit is a compliment. They have a horrid record on human rights, no free press, and are pretty cocky about not changing it.
  • Tibet/Taiwan: China doesn’t like that we engage with the Dalai Lama (former Tibetan leader) and sold arms to Taiwan (a Chinese territory). China has a major problem with anyone that ever thinks those two places will be separate from the mainland of its country. It’s kinda like a passive-aggressive, yet potentially abusive, relationship gone wrong. China is fine just as long as those two entities don’t go anywhere. And they dare someone to help them be free.
  • Currency: This is the area where I think the U.S. has the greatest upper hand. In short, China has been devaluing their currency for years. They then flood the market with their cheap Chinese goods and make a ton of money. China also wants their cheap currency to be the reserve currency for the world. Meanwhile, back at the ranch here, our dollar is weak. The U.S. wants China to man up, play fair, and offer a fair value for its currency. Even with all of our debt, several other countries still peg their currency to ours, which pisses China off.
  • North Korea: The U.S. is upset because China won’t clamp down on North Korea like they should. The North has already launched a small attack on South Korea last year and continue to build nuclear weapons. They are a growing threat while China sits back and files its nails. ::smh::

So with all that said, Jintao is expected to head back to China today. That’s when the real work begins to see how well our two countries will continue to work together. Jintao will soon be out of office and a new prime minister will be in place next year.

We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled here at Prune Juice Media. In the meantime, in the “words” of Jintao privately, “WHO’S YOUR DADDY?!” lol…

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