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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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Close-Call Government Shutdown Avoided Last Week

| On 03, Oct 2011

I love this picture. This is Congress 24/7. (Photo courtesy of The Political Junkie)

While I was under my pile of non-Prune Juice Media work last week, there was a key development in the government shutdown possibility I shared.

There was no government shutdown.

As you can tell, Washington, D.C. is up and running on all cylinders on Monday. There was a procedural move in the House on September 29 that allowed the government to get through the weekend with enough cash to keep the lights on.

By October 4, lawmakers will have to approve a continuing resolution with a full vote that will carry them through November 18.

The whole issue started around funding for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Because of the bad storm season, the agency thought they would need more disaster relief funding. Republicans said ok, but said that cuts needed to be elsewhere to offset the spending. Democrats weren’t having it and dug their heels in. The Senate passed the continuing resolution on September 26, making no cuts to other programs and leaving the FEMA request in place.

Come to find out, FEMA won’t need the extra money after all. Observers are now waiting for the full House to pass the continuing resolution on October 4.

Yeah, I know … this Congress has us living in a legislative nightmare where nothing gets done. We never seem to wake up from the dream, though. ::heavy sigh::

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