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Prune Juice Media | December 11, 2017

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Common and Jill Scott Take Conservative Heat Over White House Invite

| On 11, May 2011

Does this man look like he would incite violence?! Conservatives have it all wrong trying to attack rapper Common and singer Jill Scott.

Conservatives are up in arms (insert sarcastic shock here) over the appearance of politically-conscious rapper Common at an upcoming White House poetry event. They are also painting R&B and NeoSoul singer Jill Scott as a racist.

Common and Scott, both Grammy-award winning performers, are set to read poetry at the request of First Lady Michelle Obama at an event Wednesday night. With their obvious musical and poetic influences, it only makes sense to have a diverse group of people at the event. Both artists are extremely talented in their own rights.

However, some conservatives have spoken out against Common’s appearance. They cite violent undertones lyrics in the past that threatened the police and taunted former President George W. Bush. Jill Scott is being painted as a racist for an old article in Essence magazine about interracial dating.

Former Bush adviser and national hate machine Karl Rove called Common a “thug.” Coward ass Sarah Palin took to her Twitter page to say, “Oh lovely, White House,” as a response to his invite.

Hold up … wait a minute!

Are we talking about the same Common and Jill Scott? I mean, damn. The conservatives are reaching at this point. COMMON AND JILL “JILLY FROM PHILLY” SCOTT?!

Musically and poetically they are about the most non-threatening artists in the game right now. On Jill Scott’s first album sang about GRITS for Christ’s sake!! When Common dated NeoSoul singer Erykah Badu he wore hemp underwear and burlap tunics. He called his album, “Like Water for Chocolate.” Ummm ….. I’m still looking for the threatening presence here.

Folks are just mad because President Obama caught Osama bin Laden and now they have ZERO trump card to hold against him. When you show national outrage and start attacking people (Scott) that have appeared in Tyler Perry films, it’s time to sit down and re-evaluate your life!

Sidenote: Now do you see why incidents like the Donald Trump scenario rarely phase me? The White House would catch flack if they had Jesus do spoken word at their event!

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