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Prune Juice Media | December 17, 2017

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Congressional Super Committee Pisses On Progress with Gridlock

| On 22, Nov 2011

Meet the Congressional Super Committee. For three months they have played patty-cake and hopscotch behind closed doors while your federal deficit balloons out of control. (Photo credit unknown)

It’s days like today that I realize why I started this website. Someone has to articulate the level of WTF-ness going on Congress.

If you haven’t heard by now, the Congressional Super Committee that was tasked with finding over $1.2 trillion in spending cuts in the federal budget has failed to do its job. They set a deadline of November 23, but almost-publicly threw in the towel two days early.

The Super Committee is made up of 12 members of Congress – evenly split between Democrats and Republicans – that were assembled after August’s debt ceiling fight that almost shut down the government. All eyes have been on them to see what ideas they put forth to reduce the national deficit and reign in spending.

Well, they didn’t come up with anything. 

As a result, automatic across-the-board cuts from defense and non-defense will take effect in 2013. Lawmakers had their chance to pick and choose and be sensible about what to cut. Now it will be done for them … of course, AFTER the 2012 election.

You have a group of people — including many more than just the 12 on the Super Committee — that are so full of themselves that they can’t stand to compromise on anything. Many Republicans, the “masters” of the small business, still haven’t awakened to the fact that it takes REVENUE (i.e., taxes) to pay off government debt. You can’t bitch about government deficits and still want to continue the Bush tax cuts at the same time. The government isn’t a person that can get up everyday and go to work to earn a living. It takes tax money in the coffers to pay this indebted nation’s bills.

I was watching CNN and anchor Carol Costello posed a question for viewer feedback. It read something like, “Who can save the Super Committee in its final hours?” (Pardon my paraphrasing).

When I thought about it, I realized how utterly SAD it is that anyone has to ask that. I know Costello was just doing her job and engaging her viewers, but still.

Let me get this straight. I’m supposed to think of alternative ways for 12 grown ass men and women to do the job WE ELECTED THEM TO DO? Costello actually wanted me to concoct a strategy for them to work on an initiative they signed up for? It ain’t happening, Carol!

Everyone says, “Washington is broken..” or “Congress is deadlocked.” No. Legislators in Washington D.C. are out of their damn minds! They would have long been fired from any decent company if they provided these piss-poor results. They were told by their bosses (the American people) to do something, they punked out, and didn’t deliver. How much more of a problem employee can you be?

Despite this mega-failure, I bet all 12 of those Congressional reps will find a way to agree on voters re-electing them. You better believe that! They don’t know how to work together to save their lives, but they can campaign their asses off! ::sigh::

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