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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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Cowardly U.S. Supreme Court Helped Execute Troy Davis

| On 21, Sep 2011

Despite an outcry for justice from the far-reaches of the world, Troy Davis was put to death by lethal injection on Wednesday night in Jackson, GA. Until his last breath, Davis and his supporters proclaimed his innocence.

Remember the names of the nine current U.S. Supreme Court justices: Elena Kagan; Clarence Thomas; Sonia Sotomayor; Samuel Alito, Jr.; John Roberts, Jr.; Stephen Breyer; Ruth Bader Ginsburg; Anthony Kennedy; and Antonin Scalia.

These are the names of the nine cowards that have had the last word in the Troy Davis case.

The decision came down from the high court in Washington, D.C. after 10:00 p.m. ET. They would not intervene and stop Davis’s execution.

People are wrongfully blaming President Obama for not stepping in. Legally, he had no authority since this was a state-level case. I still believe that the president has an opinion and could have spoken out with SOME form response whether or not it could have made a difference. The White House’s silence has been pretty loud. But, who am I?

Mark McPhail was the 22-year-old off-duty officer killed in 1989 in Savannah, Georgia. Davis was convicted of the crime in 1991. But, since then seven of the nine eyewitnesses have recanted their testimony. The evidence is fuzzy at best and definitely not strong enough to warrant the death penalty. It seems like they just wanted to kill someone to “seek justice” for McPhail. Too bad Davis stood in that path.

In his last words, Davis told the McPhail family seated on the first row of the execution room that he was innocent. He asked that people look deeper into the case. His last words to those who were carrying out the execution were, “May God bless your souls…”

Davis was put pronounced dead by lethal injection at 11:08 p.m. ET, according to CNN. The entire process took 15 minutes beginning at 10:53 p.m. ET.

The state of Georgia and the U.S. Supreme Court ain’t shit!

Thanks to the Democracy Now live stream for the quotes and information.

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