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Cuba Says ‘Hell Naw’ to U.S. Mail Shipments

| On 21, Jan 2011

Expecting a package from Cuba? Think again. The less that two-year mail delivery relationship has ended between the U.S. and Cuba.

Word came from the Communist government of Cuba today that they are ceasing mail shipments TO the United States indefinitely.

As you may know, the governments of the two nations have almost no direct ties with each other. The U.S. has imposed a trade embargo on the Cuban government since the early 1960’s. Mail service between the two countries stopped in 1963 after the communist revolution in Cuba.

The issue is a tricky one because mail service just started between the two countries in 2009. Canada and Mexico were involved in the agreement, as they became the third-party destination to/from which mail was processed for either country. Mail costs have increased and the U.S. is tougher on terrorism via mail, so they are honing in on shipments from Cuba. Lots of Cuban mail has been turned away from the U.S., which costs everyone more money. Cuba said “forget it.”

The U.S. Postal Service claims that Cuba was not targeted in the increased security measures, but several other countries faced a tougher time getting mail into the U.S. The Postal Service, however, says it is still accepting packages from the island. Whatever the case is, Cubans can no longer send mail to the U.S.

So if any of you are waiting for that birthday card from Cuban relatives, just give up for now. The Cuban government is NOT on your side…

Sidenote: This just ran across my mind as I was typing this post. Why in the hell do we still even have an economic embargo against Cuba anyway? We deal with China and Russia on the regular. Why not Cuba? Outside of the mail situation, the larger ban makes no sense to me.

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