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Prune Juice Media | December 17, 2017

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Delta Airlines Hoodwinks Troops For $2,800 In Baggage Fees

| On 08, Jun 2011

Delta Airlines is showing their asses yet again!

The Atlanta-based airline has pissed off some troops returning from an Afghanistan tour of duty. They were making their way to Louisiana from Afghanistan (via Baltimore and Atlanta).

The soldiers were told that they can only have three bags on the plane each and would need to pay $200 for every additional bag they brought on the plane. The unit ended up paying over a combined $2,800 in fees to Delta for their extra bags.

The problem is that Delta and the U.S. military have a contract stating that four bags can be brought on the plane when troops are traveling for official military operations. The policy was really for First/Business class, but it should have been applied despite seating arrangements.

So, two soldiers from the unit made a video on the plane discussing their troubles and Delta’s level of “aint-shitness” for the day. The piece was posted on YouTube on Tuesday and by Wednesday afternoon received over 204,000 hits.

A few service groups weighed in on the controversy, including Ashwin Madia, who is also an Iraq war vet. He said:

“Our troops are deployed to war for months at a time — they aren’t packing light for a weekend on the beach. Delta shouldn’t be sending the signal that it puts profits ahead of the men and women in uniform. They need to immediately stop charging returning troops for bag checks, and fully reimburse those who already have been charged.”

Well, Delta should feel like scum after reading that SICKENING breakdown of the situation.

Company representatives, in response, changed the company policy on Wednesday with an announcement on the company’s blog. Military personnel are now allowed four checked bags in Economy and five in First/Business Class. The bags can weigh up to 70 lbs., a change from the original 50 lb. allotment.

Here is my question. Is Delta that hard up for profitability after their bankruptcy that they have to pimp American troops this way? I know the situation has been addressed by the company about THIS particular issue. But, it speaks volume to a larger problem of nickel and diming that they do to customers at every level. I regularly fly Delta and they just don’t make the skies as friendly as they used to.  🙁

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